You may have seen the signs go up outside of the studio so please don't worry - we aren't going far : just a 90 second drive up Sherwood Road to just before the Brisbane Flower Markets.

We have a beautiful new studio being created on the first floor of a stand-alone building (above the doctors surgery if you know the building) and we will have 2 big studio spaces for Yoga and Pilates as well as therapy treatment and private yoga session room.

There will also be a lovely reception area with space to hang out, have a cup of tea and catch up with fellow students.

There is plenty of designated parking (more than we have currently!) and you'll be in good access to one of the best organic supermarkets in Brizzy if you're looking for something tasty to snack on after class.

Move due to happen in August but keep checking in on our social media and our emails for more info.
We'll be sad to say goodbye to the Sherwood high street but are super excited for the new space and what this allows us to offer our Yoga and Pilates community as a result.


We provide a Zen atmosphere with our beautiful Japanese studio, soothing music and therapeutic fragrances.The revolutionary FIR heating system gives you all the healing power of the sun without the harmful UV rays. Abundance of fresh O2 Our system constantly removes stale air replacing it with fresh air. There is no recycled air in our studio. Breathing in fresh air is such an important part of well being.

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