Essential Oils

"Science has now shown that our emotions create a vibrational field that is a non-physical force that has an effect on the physical world". - Greg Braden

Each emotion has its own vibrational tone, like a musical note that harmonizes to sing your life song.
When we understand that our bodies are the musical instruments that broadcast our song out into the world we are able to consciously tune into the frequencies of each manife"station" we create.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Model has a principle known as the Five Element Theory...each organ represents an element, each element houses certain emotions. The ancients knew this to be a uni"verse"al truth from the beginning of time. They would harmonise their internal world with the external through feeling prayers and plant medicine.
Each element in mother-nature provides us with many natural gifts to harmonize our physical and emotional wellbeing.
All has been provided for us to THRIVE.
I invite you to join us 6th May at 10:45am to 12pm at the Zen Yoga & Pilates to explore these potent, vibrational gifts from mother earth in the form of essential oils.

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Venue: Zen Yoga & Pilates
Starting: 10:45 AM
Saturday 6th May 2017
Ending: 12:00 PM
Phone Enquiries: 0733798990

Essential Oils


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