Backcare Pilates

Release Tension & Relieve Back Pain

This is more of a traditional mat pilates class with slow controlled movements aimed at strengthening back muscles and the surrounding areas. Our Pilates Instructors will guide you through a series of safe and specific exercises to help reduce and remove back pain. Strengthening your back muscles will assist the body in a variety ways, such as:

Reducing and illiminating lower back pain
Relieving tension from the upper back, neck and shoulders
Improves sleep
Aides the healing process
Increases blood circulation

Barre Pilates

Combining Stength Training with Cardio

If you don't mind the burning factor, this is a class for you. Using the barre (like that of a ballerina bar), this class is fun and burns some serious calories. Barre Pilates is a complete body workout incorporating ballet barre conditioning, yoga and Pilates.

Barre focusses on isometric strength training combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. Some classes might incorporate light handheld weights to bring the burn during all those reps, as well as using the mats for targeted core work.

Resistance Pilates

Challenge Every Major Muscle Group

Using resistance bands, weighted balls and  magic circles these classes a designed to give you a total body workout. Resistence Pilates is suitable for all levels of fitness, as our bands allow you to alter the tension during each exercice to suit your own stregth.

Each exercise is performed in one smooth and controlled movement, which helps:

Tone & stengthen muscles
Stablise your core and balance
Improves your metabolic rate
Stimulates weight loss

Wall Pilates

Brisbane's Only State-of-the-Art Wall Pilates

Using a series of clips and belts attached to our custom made wall system, Wall Pilates is a more supportive form of power pilates designed to:

Improve muscle tone and posture
Increase flexibility
Increase oxygen and blood flow
Improve overall mind and health.
We also use traditional barra, swiss balls, chi balls, magic circles, and other supportive accessories.

Fusion Pilates

Full Body Scupt

Combining both mat and barre pilates to give an hour of amped up all over body sculpting!


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