Natalie Cook (5 x Olympian & Gold Medalist in Beach Vollyball)

"I love going to Yoga at Zen! All the teachers are amazing and the studio is so nurturing and welcoming. After being a student for over 3 years I love feeling more flexible in body and in mind. I look forward to my classes every week."

Sarah Maxwell  (Retired Pro Athlete, Mindset Coach & Wellness Entrepreneur) 

"I have loved going to zen for years bc of its consistency of practice. I know that I can show up and have a solid practice that allows me to be better throughout my day. You can count on that! There is variety and lots of times to choose from so as a new Mom, that has helped me continue my practice and develop into a more whole human being."

Kay Stockburg

"Since adding wall pilates to my hot yoga practice I've seen a marked improvement in my overall physical performance. Wall pilates has provided me with a full body workout involving new angles of resistance and infinite variety helping me to achieve more core strength, endurance and overall toning. The fun, fresh and enthusiastic approach from the teachers, together with a challenging but most importantly, effective workout, is much encouragement for me to continue on my path to conditioning and sculpting a leaner body with the added benefit of knowing the renewed strength is helping me to get the most out of my yoga practice."

Ana Radovic

"What I love about pilates classes at Zen Hot Yoga is that each class I've been to over the last year was different. I simply know that each time a come to a class there will be some kind of surprise either a new excercise, new 'tool' (all those bars, walls and rings :)) or movement. I really appreciate that teachers make that effort to keep our experience interesting and fresh. I always feel reenergised and most of my back pain disappears when I regularly come to classes. I also notice that my muscles gain strength and a beautiful shape in an amazingly short space of time. Finally, I find a combination of Pilates and Yoga a winning combination, which perfectly brings both body and mind into a much needed balance and mindfulness."

Cherrie Lo

"Wall Pilates studio at Zen is the best innovation. With the most friendly and motivated instructors I love going there and enjoy a good session of Wall Pilates. I've had 2 kids and really dislike the looseness of my tummy area after pregnancy. I've been there for only 6 months and can really see the result on toning and smoothing the cellulite on my tummy area without any medication or laser treatment. Every class is so much fun and so much pumping and so much sweat!"


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